Sold Works

June 22, 2018

“Homeward Bound”, Jola Liebzeit, mixed media on board, 7″x5″ – sold (private collection of TG)

Playful Dream (2018), mixed media on board

“Playful Dream”, Jola Liebzeit 2018, mixed media on board, 10″x12″ – sold (private collection of MS)

Moving On - brochure

“Space”, Jola Liebzeit, mixed media on canvas, 10″ x 10″ – sold (private collection of BrB)

Enchanted Moment (Jola Liebzeit) 640x637 - thumbnail

“Enchanted Moment”, Jola Liebzeit, acrylic on board, 20″x20″ – sold (private collection of JP)

Dream Dancer - Jola Liebzeit - acrylic and ink on board - 10x20 - available - 2 - small

“Dream Dancer”, Jola Liebzeit, acrylic and ink on board, 10″x20″ – sold (private collection of CM)

AsSureAsTheStarsShine (Jola Liebzeit) 640x646-thumbnail

“As Sure As the Stars Shine”, Jola Liebzeit, mixed media on board, 8″ x 8″ – sold (private collection)

Space for Time (Jola Liebzeit) 640x967- thumbnail

“Space for Time”, Jola Liebzeit, acrylic on board, 12″x18″ – sold (private collection of BB)

Jola Liebzeit -Sweet Serenity #2 (teatime) (2015)

“Bliss”, Jola Liebzeit, acrylic on canvas, 10″x10″ – sold (private collection of JG) 

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