Brush with Opulence: Perspectives 2021


Stage 8 The Ordeal - Facing Fears -Jola Liebzeit 2021-1andhalfx2
Stage 8 – The Ordeal, Facing Fears
You, the hero, experience a major hurdle or obstacle, such as a life or death crisis. You enter a central space in the Special World and face your greatest fear. Out of the moment of death comes new life.

These four works represents the artist fears of beginning pieces intuitively and using the dripping paint, lines, and color blending to explore a looser painting style. Each vignette explores a different aspect of the Special World meant to empower and inspire. 

Stage 9 Celebration -Jola Liebzeit 2021-1andhalfx2
29. “Soul Blossoms”, Jola Liebzeit, 36″x48″, mixed media on board, available ::

Stage 12 – The Return

Jola Liebzeit, Possibilities 12x16 mixed media on board - smaller
36. “Possibilities”, Jola Liebzeit, mixed media on board, 12″x16″ – available $175
Keys-to-Success-by-Jola-Liebzeit-acrylic-12x16-2018-small-223x300 - big
37. “Keys to Success”, Jola Liebzeit, mixed media on canvas, 12″x16″ – available $175

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