Blue Pearls Series:

In this series, I explored atmosphere using the color blue. Blue Pearls represent tranquility and courage. May the paintings in this series be for someone who needs strength in their life or who appreciates peaceful and tranquil moments.

Prairie Schooners -Jola Liebzeit-8x10-mixedmedia on board-Life Finds Its Way-1SOLD
“Prairie Schooners”, Jola Liebzeit, 8″x10″, mixed media on board, $75 

Moonlit Curiosity 8x10-acrylic on board, Jola Liebzeit SOLD
“Moonlit Curiosity”, Jola Liebzeit, 8″x10″, mixed media on board, $75 

Everything In Between, Jola Liebzeit, 8x10, Blue Pearls Series - smaller
“Everything in Between”, Jola Liebzeit, 8″x10″, mixed media on board, $75


Mini-Sculptural Pendant Series:

These mini-sculptural pieces are reminders to reconnect with nature all year long. Inspired by long summer walks at the beach marvelling at the pebbles that lit up in the sun. Pebbles, wood, canvas and acrylic dipped in resin merge to create these uniquely handmade mini art pieces that glisten in the sun.

All pendants are approximately 1″x2.5″, mixed media, dipped in resin with a 16″ leather necklace. Each pendant necklace is $45. 

1-Infinity Dragon Pendant - Crop
#1 – “Infinity Dragon” 
2-Tango Pendant - Crop
#2 – “Tango” 
3-Aligning Pendant - Crop
#3 – “Aligning”
4-Double Dutch Pendant - Crop
#4 – “Double Dutch” 
5-Double Delight Pendant Side 1 - Crop
#5 – “Double Delight” 

6-Connected Pendant - Crop
#6 – “Connected”

7-Universal Nature Pendant - Crop
#7 – “Universal Nature” 
8-Coming Together Pendant - Crop
#8 – “Coming Together” 
9-Life of the Party Pendant - Crop
#9 – “Life of the Party” 
10-Lizard Day Pendant - Crop
#10 – “Lizard Day” 

11-Honey Do Pendant - Crop
#11 – “Honey Do” 
12-Bee Haven Pendant Side 1 - Crop
#12 – “Bee Haven” 
13-Morning Dew Pendant - Crop
#13 – “Morning Dew” 
14-Turquoise Drift Pendant - Crop
#14 – “Turquoise Drift” 
15-Chameleon Pendant - Crop
#15 – “Chameleon” 

16-Golden Veins Pendant - Crop
#16 – “Golden Veins” 

17-Peaceful Pendant - Crop
#17 – “Peaceful” 
18-Tangerine Trio Pendant - Crop
#18 – “Tangerine Trio”
19-Creamy Latte Pendant - Crop SOLD
#19 – “Creamy Latte”
20-Earthly Opulence Pendant - Crop
#20 – “Earthly Opulence”
21-Sushi Roll Pendant - Crop
#21 – “Sushi Roll”

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