About Jola

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I’m Jola Liebzeit.

I’m an artist currently exploring painting, mixed media & textiles.

I’m also interested in nature and environments that
promote limitless creative possibilities.

I’m passionate about the connection of human potential and imagination,
nature and our environment.

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Jola Liebzeit is a Canadian artist who graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and an Advanced Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. Practicing studio artist since 2015, Jola has exhibited her work in several group and solo exhibitions throughout Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie. Her work resides in many private collections. She currently works with acrylic, watercolor, ink , pastels, sand and paint pens on various wood and canvas creations. She expresses herself through texture, paint layering, playful brushwork and story.

“I believe art is about connection of delightful, impulsive, sometimes chaotic, brush strokes and gestural, symbolic nature forms integrating with intent to inspire positive human experience.”
– Jola Liebzeit

Jola admires the free form expression works of Frank Stella, the impression style brush strokes of Van Gogh and the Jungian philosophy of shared human symbolism.