About Jola

Jola Liebzeit .667x1Jola’s mixed media and paintings are filled with rich and vibrant colors, varied depths and expressive lines. Her work integrates form, connection and everything in between. Inspired by moments in daily life and those worlds of possibility yet unexplored.

“I have two main approaches to my pieces. The first involves being absorbed by everyday moments that represent delights of the senses through memories. The other involves an intuitive and experiential approach where the process becomes the painting with imagination running wild. The pieces become one continuum of conversation. A back and forth exchange between inspiration and perspiration.”

“For me, I learn a lot about myself and human nature through expressing myself and embracing the unknown no matter the outcome. These leaps of faith reflect my own personal experiences, every individual can relate in some way.”

“Every moment is an opportunity for growth and connection.”

Jola Liebzeit began a mixed media and painting focus after completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (2001) and Bachelor of Arts, Advanced Psychology, degree (1997), both from the University of Manitoba. She continues to grow her skills as a dedicated resident studio artist (2015-present) out of Cre8ery in Winnipeg.